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European Village & Resort

StatusRunning Project
LocationPaharpani, Nainital U.K.
Category       Commercial
Project Type  Designing Consultancy

SG infratech (SG Infra) is associated with renowned SG Group of companies which include SG Telecom, SG Health, and SG Infratech.

Our Solutions

European Village accompanying:

  • Aesthetic and Peaceful Lord Shiva Mandir for all.
  • Complete Design and Development of the  Village is roused by European Style as its name itself infer
  • Plot Size has been categorized as Wood House / Concrete House / Stone House
  • Landscaping finishes orchestrated with the point of view on not to cut any green body, however, best use those in a superior manner
  • Wood House:
  • Pine Wood is employed with 25 years of Warranty
  • Five existing ground level is incorporated into the design
  • Attractive Gazebo at the left side of the wood house
  • Stone House:
  • 3X Height is employed to design the Stone house  with double Entryway
  • The Resort  accompanying:
  • Colorful Club
  • Bunch Restaurant
  • Recreational Activities
  • Regular Area Development incorporates
  • An array of amenities
  • Generally speaking framework
  • Regular washrooms for guests/Visitors