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Heart-Winning Designs

we are a smart unified team of Architect and Interior designer. why smart ? as we can serve you, having 12+ years of experience in making LIVWARE spaces customized designed and executed as well from the scratch like construct a structure to adorn its interior, so in a way we are a handful solution for making places Relish to feel it and enjoy.

So now you can avail the entire related service at one stop to achieve an opulent end result which we cherish for a lifetime.

Our empire is shaping its future by setting trends with Timeless pieces and refined elegance.

Our Mission

Be assured of excellence in every detail of every component. Our supremacy is only achieved by bringing together the wisdom of the craftsmen with a daring and talented creativity.


Design experiences are what we deliver to you in every product. Each one has the power of elevating its surroundings. The outcome is a merge between refined art and design.


A consistent search for a stylish functionality is our impulse. From modern to classical environments we reinvent trends and the concept of designing and furniture by creating masterpieces.The handmade techniques reflect the full attention and excellence we put into every detail.

Our Approach

Blending detailed client requirements with our experience as per the latest design trends while giving due importance to both comfort and feasibility is what our approach is driven by. Since every client and their requirement is unique, we cannot limit our design by a set design pattern. Our designs are client centric and ever evolving and so our design philosophy is.

 Value for Money 

Our scope of work is discussed with the clients with much more transparency and faith before services are provided,so budget can be determined properly.as we believe in uncompromising in quality of material of recreating and always give option of recreating or restoring your already existing furniture.

Detailed set of  working Drawing 

we provide you with complete set of Drawings consists of 1. Brick Lineout 2. Layout Plan 3. Electrical Plan 4. Reflected Cieling Plan 5. Wall Elevation 6. Flooring Plan 7. Toilet Details

High End Quality Work

We do not compromise with quality hence propose branded materials and products only as we understand and believe that what we are preparing is not just a building but a HOME for clients what should last forever.

Our Team

Anubhav Bhardwaj_Principal Architect

Ar. Anubhav Bhardwaj

Principal Architect

God lies in the Detail.

Devashish Pandit_Project Inchar

Devashish Pandit

Project Incharge

“Simple is Complicated.”

Er. Monika Pandit_Creative Head

Er. Monika Pandit

Creative Head

If Good Designs are expensive, look at the cost of Bad Designs.


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